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The Business Consulting area supports changes in key areas of the organisation such as operations, commercial activities, human resources or fleet management. The area connects the strategic vision of the company with effective and measurable results.
The goal of our Business Consulting services is to accelerate the efficient implementation of changes in methods or work regimens, explore new business opportunities or review the use of resources in an efficient manner through an independent and external vision.
Whether your priority is to transform your business or increase operational profitability, we work in conjunction with your organisation’s key people in the execution of recommendations, carried out to enhance growth and generate real long-term sustainable value.


The Project Management area supports specific projects through independent management. The validation of partial deliverables and the elimination of unnecessary tasks and processes are prioritised.
Based on client needs, our Project Management services cover the scope, stages and deadlines of a project. We also look after the planning of associated resources and costs, the supervision and execution of tasks, and the implementation of solutions and/or changes.
Such projects may involve the tactical areas such as management, operations, maintenance or the training of personnel, or more strategic aspects such as business development or the design of across-the-board processes.


The Interim Management area offers professionals with extensive experience in company management who can meet strategic and executive needs for a specific period.
Interim Management specialises in road passenger transport for specific or exceptional situations. We have experience in major organisational changes, the acquisition and integration of companies, the development of new markets and implementation of new businesses, training processes and the adoption of new responsibilities.
Interim Management is also an ideal solution in adding value in an agile and flexible manner to your company’s management team through a temporary and independent link, connected to specific and pre-established objectives.


Our Strategic Consulting area defines and implements our corporate strategy to achieve business objectives. Ours is practical but effective focus on commercial services, market prospects and strategic orientation.
Once we’ve identified competitive advantages, investigated existing resources in the company and analysed opportunities and alternatives, we develop a Transformation Plan with the stakeholders. We then implement it in close collaboration with the relevant parties.
After implementation, we establish mechanisms to monitor compliance in order to develop improvements based on the experience of the implementation, the analysis of KPIs and feedback from stakeholders.

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